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The Cane Corso breedThe Cane Corso is one of Spanish Mastiff-like breeds. Cane Corso were used for hunting and guarding. For some period of time Cane Corso had been on the verge of disappearance, but nevertheless the breed was saved. The name comes from Latin word “cohors” that mean “a defender”. The dogs of this breed must be socialized and trained as early as possible. Cane Corso are vigorous athletic dogs that need many regular physical exercises.

The history of Cane Corso:

Cane Corso is one of two Italian Mastiff-like dogs that come from the Roman Canis Pugnaces. Cane Corsi and Neapolitan Mastiffs are legal offsprings of these legendary Antient Roman dogs. Corsi are more skillful hunters and universal guardians. They are vigorous, strong and athletic with lively character. They are ready to meet any challenge.

A legendary history of this breed descends back to the depth of centuries. We can see this dog on tapestries and pictures of painters of the previous centuries. We can assume from remained evidences that  Corsi were very popular between the aristocracy of Renaissance, that used the dogs in hunting large animals, guarding castles, at bloody fighting with gladiators and lions. Corsi also took part in marches: they were dressed with iron armour on their back and chest and container with pitch that was burnt. The dogs that “carried fire” were let out to the cavalries of enemies. Read more “Cane Corso history”


All puppies of Canne Corso are sweet and charming. But it must be remembered that the puppy is due to grow up and very soon it will become a large dog with a strong will and desire to dominate. As an owner you have to control it when it’s a puppy. If you don’t assume necessary measures, this sweet puppy may become a real problem in short terms.

The Cane Corso is an animal that has its own congenial social views, according to which it builds relationships with the owner and his family not on the basis of rivalry, but on mutual collaboration and distribution of “functional roles”. It’s very important for the Cane Corso to feel its necessity in the family. During a walk even untrained dog rarely moves away from its owner. It often shows same affection to other members of the family, even to small children. The possibility of emotional contact with a man is very important for normal psychological feeling of the Cane Corso. Read more “Cane Corso Temperament”

Cane Corso care:

A healthy Cane Corso doesn’t smell and has fall-offs not all year round, but seasonally and needs minimal care. We should clean it two or three times a week, and do it with a special rubber glove or brush during the fall-off (in spring and autumn) so that fallen hair, desquamation and dirt is removed; besides it’s a good massage for skin.

After walking we should clean and in dirty weather wash paws and abdomen. The Cane Corso is rarely washed with a soap or shampoo. Pay attention also to claws. As a rule, excessively long claws hurt and can be the cause for wrong movements and posture of limbs.

Once a week ears must be examined.  The dirt is removed with a dry piece of cotton wool, avoiding deeper penetration in ear. If a dog shakes its head and its ear “sniffles”, smells badly and discharges pus, it is important to go to veterinary. Read more “Cane Corso care”

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